A Picture Report of the Ichetucknee in May 2017

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by John Moran


Editor’s Note:  Gainesville photographer, writer, springs advocate and Lifetime Ichetucknee Alliance member John Moran visits the Ichetucknee every year on his birthday. This year (2017), he graciously agreed to share this series of his birthday trip photos. Thanks, John!

This picture report begins with a few underwater pictures shot in the short stretch between the headspring at the Ichetucknee and the canoe launch. This is the small “window” where you can remember a time when the entire river looked so healthy. The comparison to the Devil’s Eye Spring underwater photo is striking. I made the “healthy” pictures in the restricted area with permission from the park manager. This is my 31st consecutive May 17th birthday outing on the Ichetucknee and, oh the changes I’ve seen.
1_ich.healthy uw eelgrass2.20208SMALL

Healthy Underwater Eelgrass, photo by John Moran


2_ich.uw eelgrass.0191SMALL

Underwater Eelgrass, photo by John Moran


3_ich.lfin snorkels uw.0219SMALL

Underwater with Snorkel, photo by John Moran


4_ich.devils eye sign.1498SMALL

Devil’s Eye Sign, photo by John Moran


5_ich.bday wishing tree 2.9614SMALL

Birthday Wishing Tree, photo by John Moran


Devil’s Eye Underwater Panorama, photo by John Moran


7_ich.bday wishing tree 1.9636SMALL

Birthday Wishing Tree, photo by John Moran


8_ich.dragonfly paddle.1263SMALL

Dragonfly on Paddle, photo by John Moran


9_ich.egret feathers.1226SMALL

Egret Feathers, photo by John Moran



Limpkin, photo by John Moran


11_ich.turtle shell.1249SMALL

Turtle Shell, photo by John Moran


12_ich.solo turtle.1520SMALL

Solo Turtle, photo by John Moran


13_ich.maple leaves.9700SMALL

Maple Leaves, photo by John Moran


14_ich.ibis on log.1329SMALL

Ibis on Log, photo by John Moran


15_ich.egret in wild rice.ar23.1386SMALL

Egret in Wild Rice, photo by John Moran


16_ich.egret flight.1419SMALL

Egret Flight, photo by John Moran


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