“The Ichetucknee is the flagship spring for environmentalists- a muse for creatives and a sacred river for generations of global visitors.” -Annie Pais



Painting by Steven Earl


by Richard Eberhart


It is the continuous welling up from the earth

We must remember. Dawn comes, and the waters

Spring fresh, clear, vital from the earth.

Night comes, they well unabated from the dark.


Strange, is it not, that the temperature

Is always the same. The clarity is without change.

As the water blooms upward to become a petaled river

Each grain of sand below is visible as in air.


Over the oval, the mouth, the maw, the source

We cannot see down into the cavernous mystery

Into primitive limestone releasing the clear water.

We are impelled outward from the warm, strong center.


Our bodies delight in the flow of original life.


Freely in the stream of exhilarating non history

We can walk, swim, float in the clearest shallows.

Upon us the welling up of the source,

Around us the gift of the river, the way we must go.


Our bodies delight in the flow of original life.


(from “Florida Poems,” Konglomerati Press, Gulfport, Florida, 1981)


Painting by Steven Earl


The Ichetucknee, often referred to as the “crown jewel” of Florida’s springs and system of state parks, has throughout the years provided inspiration to countless gifted artists, artisans, photographers, writers and educators.

Many of the talented people who have found inspiration on the Ichetucknee are listed on the Art, Literature, Film and Culture page of the Springs Eternal Project’s website:

The Gainesville poet Lola Haskins has also found inspiration on the Ichetucknee; see:

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Painting by Steven Earl

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