Bur Marigolds on the Ichetucknee River
(Photo by Jacqui Sulek)

The goal of the Ichetucknee Alliance is to ensure the restoration, preservation, and protection for future generations of the ecosystems along the full 5.5 mile length of the Ichetucknee River, including all its associated springs.

The Ichetucknee Alliance recognizes that the groundwater supply of the Ichetucknee River basin is finite and vulnerable to overuse and pollution due to human activity. Therefore, it is also the goal of the Ichetucknee Alliance to ensure the security of the Floridan Aquifer System, the primary source of water that nourishes the Ichetucknee River and provides drinking water for thousands of people throughout North Florida.

To accomplish these goals, the Ichetucknee Alliance will advocate for actions that provide for the long-term maintenance of a healthy Ichetucknee River and contributing area of the Floridan Aquifer, collectively termed the Ichetucknee River System.

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