Old Timers Remember Ichetucknee Springs


Ichetucknee Springs has been a gathering place for people since the time of the Paleo-Indians. The history of the area is fascinating!

We are fortunate that in 2003, some of that history was documented in a form that we can share, the booklet Old Timers Remember – Ichetucknee Springs, written by Patricia C. Behnke for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection under the direction of Jim Stevenson.

With the kind permission of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the author, who is now writing as P.C. Zick (www.pczick.com), the Ichetucknee Alliance is now able to make this booklet available to a wider audience via this website.

Click on the image above to read Old Timers Remember – Ichetucknee Springs. Please be patient, the file takes some time to load. We hope you enjoy reading it!

"Ichetucknee" painted by Edna McCormick in 1961

“Ichetucknee” painted by Edna McCormick in 1961

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