Report Cards



2016-ich-report-cardThe Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute has issued two report cards for the Lower Ichetucknee River, the most recent in 2016 (above) and an earlier one in 2o08 (below). The report cards are NOT directly comparable because different measures were used in each of them.

The 2008 report card gave the Ichetucknee an overall B-minus grade.

The 2016 report card gave the Ichetucknee an overall C-minus grade.

The Alliance is most troubled by the D grades for discharge (spring flow) and nitrate pollution in the 2016 report card. These grades point to long-term failures by the state agencies charged with protecting our springs, as groundwater levels drop (because water is being pumped from the aquifer faster than rainfall can replace it) and nitrate pollution is not being halted.

FYI, Florida’s water management districts are the state agencies charged with protecting water supply (water quantity). The Florida Department of Environmental Protecton (FDEP) is the state agency charged with protecting water quality. The governor of Florida appoints the directors of the water management districts and the head of FDEP.


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