Basin Field Trip 3-06

Basin Field Trip, March 2006 (Photo by Jim Stevenson)

Finding solutions to the problems affecting the Ichetucknee will, at its core, be a “people process” of behavioral and cultural change, perhaps coupled with water policy changes. Why? Because everyone who uses water in Florida is simultaneously a contributor to our water problems and a potential partner in solving those problems. The Ichetucknee Alliance is committed to working with partners in the springshed and throughout Florida to achieve our vision of a healthy and protected Ichetucknee River System.

We believe that a three-pronged process will help us meet our goals:  (1) an emphasis on accurate water models, good science and continued monitoring of conditions in the Ichetucknee River system, (2) a corresponding emphasis on the moral and ethical principles that can guide environmental decision making, and (3) the willingness to partner with other people, agencies and organizations to find creative and substantive solutions.

Different people have studied the Ichetucknee River and its associated springs for many years. A lot of good science is available to us now, and many of the solutions we seek are already in sight. Click on the links below to read more.

Restoration Plan
Florida Water Ethic

5th graders

Fifth Graders Learn About the River (Photo by Jim Stevenson)


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